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Britain’s blacklisting of Hezbollah: What about Iranian militias in Iraq?

Many people worldwide have hailed the British government’s step to add the entire Hezbollah political and military movement to its list of terrorist groups, while some Arab countries have so far failed to take such step.

While Britain took a positive step in the war against global terrorism, people inside and outside Iraq are expecting Iran-backed militias in Iraq, which are related to the Iranian so-called Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) including IMIS militia, to be included in the terror list too.

Also, sanctions may be the only way to deter, not only these terrorist groups, but also those who promoted for the top terrorist leaders, or sympathized with them, including Qassem Soleimani, who the US said his operations within Iraq at the height of the Iraq war killed hundreds of US personnel, and who Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “has blood of British troops on his hands.”

The reported crimes of Iran-backed militias in Iraq include intimidating people, kidnapping them to implement political agenda, and even assassinating the Iranian regime’s enemies in Iraq, and those who threaten the Iranian interests.

Such militias represent the arm of Iran worldwide. Enlisting them in the terror list will highly contribute to ending Iranian influence in the region, resolving crises in many Arab countries, including Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq.