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Clashes between security forces, protesters escalated in Baghdad

At least two people were killed, and dozens of others injured when protesters clashed with Iraqi security forces in the capital Baghdad on Monday.

Local Iraqi media said two Iraqis were killed and over 60 wounded as demonstrations turned violent in Baghdad after renewed anti-government protests over the weekend.

Baghdad’s Operation Command said 14 of its officers suffered various injuries.

Clashes resumed between protesters and security forces in Baghdad on Sunday morning, while demonstrations in Basra joined a deadline set by those in Nasiriyah for political forces, stating that unless their demands are met, they would cut off major roads linking their areas with the capital.

Local activists told Kurdistan 24 that early on Sunday, riot police attempted to storm Tahrir Square, the central gathering space of demonstrators in Baghdad, but the protesters prevented this and burned several tires.

Following that incident, witnesses reported shootings of live rounds in the al-Tayaran Square, a short distance east of Tahrir, with claims of injuries among protesters.

Amid the continued violence, security forces have killed over 450 protesters and wounded thousands more since demonstrations broke out in October 2019. Unofficial estimates range as high as 600 dead among demonstrators.

Crowds first took to the streets in early October to express long-held grievances about chronically inadequate public services, a low standard of living, and widespread institutional graft among government officials.

The United Nations has called for Iraq to push for reform amid the ongoing violence in the country.