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Protests escalate in Baghdad, as protesters block main roads

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Clashes resumed between protesters and security forces in Baghdad on Sunday,  as protesters vowed that unless their demands are met, they would cut off major roads linking their areas with the capital.


Local activists said that early on Sunday, riot police attempted to storm Tahrir Square, the central gathering space of demonstrators in Baghdad, but the protesters prevented this and burned several tires. Following this, witnesses reported shootings of live rounds in the al-Tayaran Square, a short distance east of Tahrir, with claims of injuries among protesters.


“The security forces are trying to break our sit-in in Tahrir Square,” one activist told The Baghdad Post, adding, “This is linked to the Nasiriyah deadline,” referring to a recent ultimatum by protesters from the southern Iraqi city directed at the state’s leaders to heed their demands or face blocked roads.
“Our deadline also ends tomorrow,” one protester said.

Basra, the oil-rich but impoverished city further south, joined the Nasiriyah deadline, where protestors have also warned of an “escalation.”