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Protesters Block Roads in Lebanon, Promising “Week of Anger”


Anti-government demonstrators in Lebanon took to the streets once again on Tuesday in large numbers, promising what they described as “a week of anger”.

The demonstrators burnt a lot of cars’ tires to block main roads and highways in Beirut to hinder people from going to work, as main roads in south, eastern and northern were also blocked by protesters. The step aimed to add more and more pressure on political leaders.


On the other hand, Lebanese army soldiers and police were deployed to try to open major roads. They also used rubber bullets to disperse them earlier this morning in Bahsas and Tripoli cities in North Lebanon.


In December, Lebanese President Michel Aoun asked university professor Hassan Diab to form a new government after consultations with parliamentary blocs.
But so far Diab has proved failure to form the government due to political bickering among the various Lebanese political parties.
The recent wave of anger has worsened the crisis in Lebanon, which is facing economic and political turmoil, seen as the worst crisis since the 1975 to 1990 civil war.