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Iran will Take Harsher Revenge Soon-IRGC


The senior commander at the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Abdollah Eraghi has shortly announced that Iran will take “harsher revenge soon” after missile attacks on US targets in Iraq.

These statements come in response to a US attack by a drone that killed Soleimani – commander of the Qods Force in the IRGC – at dawn Friday.

Some analysts have previously considered that Iran “did everything in its power to avoid the American deaths in the attacks.” Associated Press quoted analysts at the Royal Defense College in Denmark that “Iran has almost already warned the United States of its plans to respond” (in order for the American forces to prepare for this).

While a presidential adviser in Iran reiterated that any US response to the recent strikes “will be faced with the all-out war in the region,” government spokesman Ali Rabei stressed that his country “is not seeking war” but would respond “overwhelmingly” to any aggression.

On his part, Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami said that his country would respond proportionally to any new American military action in retaliation after the missile attacks, adding that US President Donald Trump “turned the American administration into a terrorist government.”
The Iranian television had said that 80 people were killed in the missile strikes launched by the Iranian army on two American bases in the northern Kurdistan region and in Anbar province.
The television also said that “American helicopters and American equipment were attacked in the attacks.” Iranian television said that the United States is trying to play down the damage caused by the attack in Iraq, noting that the American president later tweeted about the attacks, in which he said, “Everything is fine.”
“Now we have taken revenge … He can rest in peace,” the television said, referring to Soleimani.
On the other hand, Trump seemed satisfied on Wednesday that Tehran had learned its lesson, saying in a televised address that he was “ready to embrace peace with all who seek it,” after the overnight barrage of ballistic missiles fired harmlessly on U.S. bases in Iraq to avenge the U.S. drone strike that killed Soleimani.