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Iraq: US forces fire tear gas at Baghdad embassy protesters

Protests at the US embassy in Iraq have entered the second day after a group camped out overnight. The US has flown in a rapid response Marines group to reinforce the embassy.

US security forces guarding the Baghdad embassy fired tear gas at pro-Iranian protesters outside the building on Wednesday.

Tensions have escalated dramatically after thousands of protesters attempted to storm the US embassy in Iraq the day previous.

A large group camped outside the building overnight, angry at US airstrikes that killed 25 pro-Iran fighters over the weekend. They set up about 50 tents and even portable bathrooms after marching unimpeded into the high-security Green Zone.

US marines worked to disperse the crowd as more people turned up for a second day of action, some of whom lit a fire on the roof of the reception area.

In response to the tear gas, some members of the crowd hurled stones towards the embassy. Several protesters were reported injured.