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Nasr Alliance Calls for Interim Government to Address Iraq’s Crisis

Nasr Alliance, which is led by former Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, is insisting on the formation of an interim government as a way out of the current political deadlock and ongoing crisis.
The alliance said in a statement that they have already submitted a roadmap to create the interim government free from any political influence, and they are insisting on dissolving the current cabinet.
It pointed out that an interim government could run the country until the political factions reach an agreement to hold an early election, which is what the supreme leader of the Iraqi Shia majority asked for on Friday.
Meanwhile, Sadiqun faction, belonging to Asia Ahl al-Haq, is pushing for ousting President Barham Salih.
MP Udai Awwad said his Sadiqun faction has begun collecting signatures to oust Salih on alleged “corruption and breaking presidential oath”.
He also accused Salih of violating Iraq’s Constitution by restoring to other means rather than nominating a figure for the position of prime minister, which was abandoned by Adil Abdul Mahdi last month under the pressure of the ongoing protests in Iraq.