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Arrest warrant issued against ex-chief of crisis cell in Dhi Qar

The investigative judicial body formed to hear cases of demonstrations in Dhi Qar, on Sunday, issued a warrant of arrest and travel ban against Jameel al-Shammari, army commander formerly sent to Nasiriya.

Shammari was sent by Abd al-Mahdi to the city to become the chief of the crisis cell to "restore order". Abd al-Mahdi sacked Shammari later on the same day after dozens of civilians were killed in a crackdown in Nasiriya.

The Supreme Judicial Council said in a statement that Shammari faces charges of giving orders that caused the killing of demonstrators in the province of Dhi Qar.

Political analyst Mash’an Al-Jabouri said forces linked to the interior ministry were sent to be under Jameel Al-Shammari. Shammari received orders to end the protests on Thursday morning, he claimed.