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VIDEO: Assad, Putin, Mullah's militias kill Sunnis in Aleppo

Saudi media figure Turki Al Dosari

Saudi media figure Turki Al Dosari called on Muslims all over the world to support Syrian people against aggression held by Assad, Putin and Mullah's terrorist militias.

In a meeting with Dar Al Iman TV channel, he said added that Sunnis have one enemy and that Sunnis all over the world have to support their brothers in Syria.

The situation is crystal clear: We have to choose between supporting Assad, Russia and Mullah's regime or supporting Sunnis in Aleppo, he further said.

He added that Assad, Russia and Mullah's regime are killing Aleppo's residents because they are Sunnis, pointing out that Mullah's regime is also killing Sunnis in Yemen.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 28 December 2016 06:52 PM