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Iraqi Human Rights Commission Rejects Questioning Its Statistics


The IHCHR revealed, in its statement, ridiculed the strange reactions delivered by a number of spokesmen for government institutions or by some political figures who try to defame the truth presented by the Commission.

This isn’t the first time that IHCHR's credibility or statistics are suspected with no proof, the statement read.

It called on all parties to review The Paris Principles 1990, by which the national institutions were established and approved. It also called on the parties to go back to IHCHR law no. (53) for the year (2008) to be informed of the Commission's tasks, duties, term, and nature of its work.

Any accusation against the Commission shows a lack of knowledge in its mission or an attempt to doubt the violations it discloses, it added.

IHCHR Member Dr. Fadhel al-Gharawi stated to Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that the Commission has a working mechanism on dealing with human rights topics based on its law no. (58) for the year (2008). Among the purposes of this law is to reinforce and protect human rights in the country.

Gharawi noted that the Commission is working on more than 14 issues within this framework in addition to the existing topics in Iraq.

He added that the Commission’s plan of work is based on deploying monitoring teams on four fronts: in squares, hospitals and medical centers, police stations, and justice institutions.

Earlier, Iraqi Interior Ministry Spokesman Khalid al-Muhanna accused the IHCHR of publishing inaccurate statistics.