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Iraqi protesters block roads, bridges in southern city of Najaf


Iraqi protesters have blocked several roads and bridges in parts of Iraq’s southern city of Najaf on Tuesday, as well as roads leading to the ports of Umm Qasr and Khor Al-Zubair, The Baghdad Post reported.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi authorities announced the suspension of official working hours in the Dhi Qar province on Tuesday for security reasons. Dhi Qar’s provincial capital is Nasiriyah which has been a hotbed of violence during the last week of protests.

A number of protesters were injured, and several cases of suffocation and injuries among security forces were reported, according to the Iraqi Civil Defense.

Dhi Qar province police said in a statement that 28 policemen were wounded at the Petronas gate near the Gharraf oil field north of the province on Monday. Protesters from Qalat Sukkar district, to the north of Gharraf, organized a protest near the road leading to the oil field.