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Bloody clashes between failed regime, protesters on Baghdad Bridges


Iraqi protesters are fighting a bloody battle with security forces and Iranian-backed militias to end the corruption in their country and end the Iranian interventions that dominate Baghdad's decision

Although hot confrontations are spreading across the country, four major bridges in Baghdad witness clashes between the two sides while each wants to control these bridges over the Tigris.

Confrontations between the protesters and security forces began on Al-Jumhuriya Bridge, which connects Tahrir Square with the center of Baghdad to Karkh and the Green Zone.

Then, the confrontations spread to the bridge of Al-Ahrar bridge, and then to al-Shohadaa Bridge then on Al-Sanak Bridge.

Victims on Al-Ahrar bridge
A bloody confrontation between rebels and troops stationed near Al-Ahrar Bridge, leaving 14 people killed, in the last 24 hours only, according to security sources on Thursday evening.

.Despite the heated confrontations, Iraqi demonstrators still control parts of the bridges of Al-Sanak, Al-Ahrar, Al-Jumhuriya, and al-Shohadaa leading to the Green Zone.

The importance of bridges for protesters
They are among 12 bridges spanning the Tigris River, they link areas of Baghdad to the Green Zone, where Iraqi government headquarters and foreign embassies are located, and some of them link the Green Zone to Tahrir Square.

Al-Ahrar Bridge, one of the oldest bridges in Iraq, connects Salhiya to Ras al-Qura, and Shohadaa Bridge connects Haifa Street with Al-Shawakah in Al-Karkh to Al-Rashid Street.

Daily confrontations

Iraqi demonstrators are battling on these bridges, seeking to see which of them will topple the government.

According to observers, controlling these bridges is a strategic issue at the moment. The demonstrators seek to control them by attacking them to remove the security forces, or by blocking roads leading to the implementation of civil disobedience in Baghdad.

The demonstrators believe that taking control over these bridges prevents security forces from mobilizing near Tahrir Square, where tens of thousands of protesters gather.

The obstacle to the demonstrators
Al-Jumhuriya Bridge is the only obstacle that separates the protesters in Tahrir Square from the Green Zone, which includes the seat of the Iraqi government.

The security forces are stationed near the bridge, where police set up three concrete barriers, firing tear gas canisters behind them.

Al-Sanak Bridge is more important because it connects the demonstrators to the area where the Iranian embassy is located in Baghdad.  Al-Ahrar, Al-Jumhuriya, and al-Shohadaa Bridges lead to the neighborhood where Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi's office is located.

Whenever demonstrators try to control all of these bridges and cross the other side, security forces advance with live bullets and tear gas, and put concrete barricades to block them.

The clashes also take place from under the bridge, with river police firing grenades from boats towards demonstrators on the river's edge.