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55 security forces members injured in clashes with demonstrators in al-Khalani Square

Iraqi Interior Ministry announced the injury of 55 officers and members of the security forces in al-Khalani Square in Baghdad during clashes with demonstrators.

The clashes between the two sides witnessed a major escalation yesterday, on the 19th day of the outbreak of the second wave of popular movement demonstrations in Iraq.
The confrontations between the two parties left injuries among the demonstrators, in the courtyard of Al-Khellani and Al-Senak Bridge.

The security forces are trying to restore the two squares from the demonstrators, for their insistence on staying, which prompted the security forces to use live bullets to open the most vital bridges, which are closed by the demonstrators.

The security forces resorted to concrete barriers to be placed in al-Khalani Square, which they use from time to time to prevent the expansion of demonstrators to the Green Zone in central Baghdad, where government and diplomatic headquarters are located.