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Iraqi American National Friendship Association thanks White Houce concerns to events in Iraq
The Iraqi American National Association sent a letter to President Trump thanking him for the White House concerns to the ongoing events in Iraq.

The message was as follows:

Dear Mr. President,

As you are well aware that Iraqi demonstrations that started since October 1st have been brutally attacked by the Iraqi regime and their militias working under the guidance and instructions of Iranian general Qasem Suliamani who is on the US terrorist list. More than 300 innocent protesters have been killed, over 15 thousands injured and hundreds detained and kidnapped.

We are very encouraged and excited by the White House statement issued yesterday by Stephanie Grisham that shows your administration's concerns to these events and your call on the rest of the international community to join you in supporting a better future for the Iraqi people.

The people of Iraq are simply fed up with this corrupt regime that has been funneling billions of dollars every year to the Iranian regime evading the US sanctions while our people in Iraq lack basic services of water, power, health and education and employment.

The free Iraqi people are requesting the US administration to take immediate action in supporting them in:
- Closing all militias.
- Getting rid of Iranian personnel and influence.
- Resignation of this sectarian government.
- Dissolve the corrupt parliament.
- Establish a transitional government of technocrats, professionals and senior military individuals that have no affiliation to any of the existing religious and political parties.
- Rewrite the constitution away from religious and ethnic quota.
- Have a new free election under the supervision of the United Nations.

Your Administration involvement is eagerly needed.
Thank you.

Raymond George
Secretary General
Iraqi American Friendship Society