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Iraqi PM Calls for Return to Normalcy Amid Protests’ Wave


Attempts by senior officials to stop mass protests in Iraq have not succeeded, as demonstrations and road closures continued.

In an effort to calm the crisis, Iraqi Prime Minister (PM) Adil Abdul-Mahdi vowed to implement reforms, calling for a return to normalcy.
“The unrest is costing the country’s economy billions of dollars,” he stressed.

In an official statement published Sunday evening, Abdul Mahdi said that the protests, which “rocked the political system” have served their purpose and must stop affecting business and economic activities in Iraq.
“The threat to oil interests and closure of some Iraq’s ports is causing great losses exceeding billions,” he said, warning that this unrest would contribute to an increase in goods’ prices.

Several Iraqi officials, most notably Abdul-Mahdi and President Barham Salih, have pledged to implement reforms including job creation and early elections, in an effort to resolve the crisis caused by the month-long protests.

It is worthy to mention that, tens of thousands of protesters have gathered in Baghdad’s central Tahrir Square and across southern Iraq in recent days, calling for the overhaul of the political system established after the US-led 2003 invasion.

Protesters have also taken over a large tower in the square that was abandoned after it was damaged in the war.