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Iraqi PM says further protests will harm Iraq financially


Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi has called for ending demonstrations, saying most of the demands of the protestors have already been met by the authorities.

In a statement released on Sunday, Abdul-Mahdi said that “it is time to go back to a normal life”. He argued that the main achievement of the protests is that authorities in Baghdad, including executive, legislative, and judicial authorities are reconsidering their performance and position.

Moreover, Abdul-Mahdi pointed out that the state has already lost billions at the result of the prolonged protests which caused a halt to some businesses in the oil sector as well as small public businesses.

He warned that a further continued demonstration will cause a greater financial harm to Iraq.

In early October, people in Baghdad and other southern Iraqi provinces took to the streets to voice their demands for jobs, public services, and effective measures to fight corruption. Since mid-October thousands occupied the Tahrir Square to stage a sit-in strike until their demands are met.