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US Forces Leave Iraq Towards Oil Fields in Syria


A convoy of the US forces were photographed on Saturday as crossing the Iraqi border towards the oil fields in neighbouring Syria.

Local sources told Kurdistan 24 that the US convoy was heading to Deir al-Zour to protect the oils fields there, as it had already been hinted by US President Donald Trump in a statement on his Twitter account.

Earlier this month, President Trump announced Washington's plans to withdraw all US troops from Syria while repeatedly saying that they would not fight the ISIS while it is thousands of miles away from the United States.\

He, however, said later that a small number of US forces will remain in northern Syria to make sure the oil fields, the US and Kurdish forces took back from the ISIS group, will be secured.

The return of the forces comes while Turkey and Russia have already agreed on renewing the Adana Pact, according to which, Ankara and Damascus will cooperatively take control of part of the border areas, with Russian police forces to be responsible for the other part of the region.