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Demonstrations are last breath to save Iraq: UNHRC

Fadhil al-Garawi, a member of the Human Rights Commission, said that the Iraqi citizen is suffering serious violations. Friday's demonstrations returned "the last breath to save the country."

"The biggest challenge in these demonstrations is the new test of the security forces, which have been tasked with protecting the demonstrations and are supposed to be trained to deal with them," Garawi said.

"There have been a lot of violations in previous demonstrations, abuse and excessive use of force by firing live bullets, rubber weapons, tear gas and indiscriminate arrests, he added." "It was a black day for freedom of expression in a democratic country." 

"Whatever the reforms, the citizen needs it to be implemented on the ground and needs his right to equality, housing, health, and work. These rights are not in harmony with the names of the reforms," he said.  "The Iraqi is shocked by the miserable reality and serious violations that happen to him every day."

He went on saying,  "today we are in front of a new station to restore confidence between the citizen and the government, and this demonstration is the last breath to save Iraq." Dealing with these protests must be with full caution and great effectiveness and speed of achievement with regard to service and economic affairs and at that time there should be actual committees in the provinces and give powers to the governors to apply these fixes," he added.