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SDF Thanks Trump for Halting Turkish Offensive in Syria

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has thanked US President Donald Trump for his "tireless efforts" in halting the Turkish offensive in Syria.

"I just spoke with President Trump and explained to him the Turkish violations of the truce that would not have been possible without his great efforts," Mazlum Abdi, commander of the SDF, wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

"We THANK President Trump for his tireless efforts that stopped the brutal Turkish attack and jihadist groups on our people."

The statement comes while Russia and Turkey have already announced an agreement to renew the Adana Pact which enables Ankara and Damascus to jointly control their border areas and conduct joint patrols in the region, a move which has guaranteed Turkey to remain in areas where the Kurdish fighters were forced to withdraw.

Trump, apart from welcoming the deal between Turkey and Russia, also announced on Wednesday that Washington had lifted the sanctions imposed on Turkey over Ankara's offensive against the Kurds in Syria earlier the month.

Abdi, however, continued and pointed out that "President Trump promised to maintain partnership with SDF and long-term support in various spheres."

In return, Trump thanked the SDF commander in a statement on his Twitter account, expressing willingness to meet him "soon."

"Thank you General Mazloum for your kind words and courage. Please extend my warmest regards to the Kurdish people. I look forward to seeing you soon. @mustefabali," he wrote on Twitter.