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PM says developments in Syria are challenge for our troops


Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi has said security troops face challenges and threats due to the regional developments in neighboring Syria.

In statements on the sidelines of the funeral of Maj. Gen. Ali al-Lami, of the Federal Police, Abdul-Mahdi said “we will continue our fight against ISIS and encountering the challenges, despite all the difficulties.”

Regarding the recent protests staged in Iraq, the prime minister said “we listen to the demands of our people and work on fulfilling them. ISIS still continues the terrorism, takig advantage that our troops are fulfilling their duties to intensify its activity.”

He went on indicating “the regional developments in Syria, which make our troops face several challenges and threats.”

Abdul-Mahdi also referred to the outcome by the investigative committee, saying “we will treat the mistakes as we strictly stand along with our troops of police, military and Peshmerga.”

He urged the political groups to “work together to resolve the problems and resect the three powers to achieve the national interest.”