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Parliament postpones sessions until end of protests: Reports

iraq parliament

The Iraqi Parliament has said it would postpone its sessions until the end of protests in the country, according to news reports on Tuesday.

The reports indicated “deep differences” between the Presidency and Parliament regarding how they deal with demonstrators, which has led to the postponement.

Another major demonstration is planned for Baghdad and other cities on Friday.

This follows the Shia religious observance called Arbaeen, during which millions of worshippers will be marching to holy sites in Iraq.

The parliament’s decision comes after the parliament’s Legal Committee decided on Saturday it would convene on October 26, a day after planned protests in the country. 

Earlier this month, a wave of violent, nationwide protests swept through Baghdad and other major cities, leaving at least 100 people killed and thousands more injured.

Security forces cracked down on protesters, with many accusing them of using excessive force and gunfire to prevent the demonstrations from spreading.