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Baghdad will take back Iraqi ISIS militants, not foreigners: Spokesperson

ISIS at Deir Az-Zour

Iraq has said it would take back Iraqi nationals accused of fighting for ISIS who are currently detained in Syria by Kurdish forces, but not foreigners who came to Iraq and Syria to join the extremist group.  

In remarks on Sunday, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ahmed al-Sahaf said "Iraq is responsible for receiving ISIS fighter detainees with Iraqi nationality and their families in Syria, as they will be tried in Iraqi courts of law according to Iraqi laws.”

He added, "Iraq is not responsible for taking in the foreign ISIS militants who conducted terrorist acts outside of Iraqi borders, and it is up to their countries of origin to take care of them."    

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) soldiers hold thousands of foreign militants in several camps who it is feared may use the Turkish incursion as an opportunity to regroup and launch new attacks, including breaking out large numbers of ISIS detainees.