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Sadr urges protesters to take back to streets on Friday


Influential Iraqi Shia cleric and the leader of Saairun parliamentary bloc, Muqtada al-Sadr, has called on Iraqis to renew anti-government protests on Friday.

“If you want to be free, you need to set yourself free from the corrupts; do not wait for the government to try them, try them yourself,” Sadr said in a statement.

He also added that the political leaders are in “panic” as they are aware of their incompetence and that the people will not hold back anymore.

Moreover, he criticised the leaders for being under the influence of foreign countries, indicating the hegemony of Iran and the US on Iraqi politics.

The Shia cleric warned the army and security forces against standing in the face of the protesters on Friday. “They [the protesters] are neither ISIS nor invaders. Do not point your weapons at them, do not put them in prisons. Prisons are for the corrupts and terrorists.”