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Iraqi intelligence arrest two ISIS spies

The Iraqi Military Intelligence Directorate announced on Thursday the arrest of two terrorists who were providing ISIS militants with security information and delivering food supplies to their dens in Anbar province   western Iraq.

Based on accurate intelligence information, a qualitative operation was launched in cooperation with the military intelligence 1st and 3rd Battalion and the 28th Infantry Brigade to arrest the two terrorists in Selechiya areas in Ramadi.

Arrest warrants were issued against them in accordance with Article 4 of terrorism law.

“The terrorists were referred to the competent authorities for interrogation,” the statement read.

ISIS has occupied vast areas from Iraq and Syria in 2014. Three years later, the terror group was expelled after massive military operations in partnership with the US-led coalition.

But remnants of the terror group are still planning a comeback. They are aided by local officials and pro-Iran militias.

Iraq declared a “final victory” over the ISIS in December 2017, three years after the militant group overran roughly a third of Iraq’s territory. Its fighters, however, continue to wage an insurgency in multiple provinces.