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Iran is losing the game in Iraq


As the world now focuses on Turkey’s incursion into northern Syria, news and reports of the political/social turmoil in Iraq was one of the main focal points in the Middle East recently.


Millions of deprived and suffering Iraqis living in poverty rose against rampant government corruption and Iran’s unbridled meddling in their country, especially through extremist militia units.


Despite the Tehran-backed government of Baghdad resorting to crackdown in many cities checkered across central and southern Iraq – once considered Iran’s backyard – after one week of constant protests, the Iraqi people have proven their demands must be met.

As Iraq descended into turmoil yet again with locals furious at Iran’s influence in their country resulting in corruption and poor living standards, one is reminded of how the Obama administration prematurely pulled out of Iraq back in late 2011.


This strategic mistake practically opened Iraq’s gates to Iran’s regime, allowing Tehran to gain control over this highly important country in the heart of a very restive region.


For the mullahs ruling Iran, the country of Iraq is considered one of its most significant springboards in its policy of exporting reactionism, death and terrorism.


In parallel importance, Iraq is also considered Iran’s main backdoor to bypass sanctions through the past decades.Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei will resort to any and all measures to maintain his regime’s vital influence in Iraq.


This time around, however, the scope of the Iraqi people’s protests has stark differentiation from previous episodes.


The main characteristic of these series of protests spreading across large swathes of Iraq is the fact that the Iraqi people are targeting the true source of their country’s political and economic crises during the past 15 years: the regime in Iran.

Millions of people poured into the streets and Iraqi security forces resorted to a deadly crackdown, leaving more than 165 dead and thousands injured up to Tuesday, October 8.


It is a known fact that a vast majority of Iraqi security forces are members of Iran-linked extremist groups receiving much of their salaries from the mullahs’ Revolutionary Guards (IRGC). Unconfirmed reports claim the death toll in Iraq could be as high as 500.

The intensification of the status quo against Tehran and the continuation of such protests will place the Iranian regime before a point of no return. What we are currently witnessing today in Iraq – despite the fact that mainstream media refuses to provide adequate coverage – has the potentialof bringing about sweeping changes in the region’s political geography.

All signs indicate Khamenei has dispatched his IRGC Quds Force apparatus to quell the protests in Iraq. Alongside these military measures, Iran’s political propaganda has associated the Iraqi people’s protests and demonstrations to “foreign powers.”

This is in line with the very playbook of Tehran’s regime, similar to other totalitarian states in history, in attempting to delegitimize domestic protests through allegations of being influenced from abroad.


This mirror’s the Iranian regime’s own propaganda methods back in December 2017 and January 2018 when Khamenei accused the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia of fueling the uprising that spread across the country in unprecedented manner.

Similar language and terminology is used in regards to the current protests in Iraq. “It is clear as day that the objective of Iraq’s unrests… is to disrupt the deep and friendly relationship between the two countries of Iraq and Syria. A country that has provided a significant amount of support at a time when Iran has been under economic sanctions,” according to a piece published on October 3 in Kayhan daily, known as Khamenei’s mouthpiece.


“Attempts to close one of [Iran’s] main routes to decrease the current economic suffocation is a very deceitful plot. What is taking place in Iraq is an attempt by foreign countries to bring an end to this lifeline.”

The truth is, the events unfolding on the ground across Iraq, is millions of people expressing their utter hatred vis-à-vis the mullahs’ regime and its operatives/proxies in Iraq.


Many reports citing Iraqi protesters indicate that security forces involved in the ongoing crackdown were seen speaking Farsi and refraining from making any comments in order to cloak their Iranian identity.

There is no doubt that the mullahs’ regime ruling Iran has dispatched its most criminal and ruthless oppressive forces in pursuit of its crackdown of Iraqi protesters.


However, as the uprising in Iraq evolves into a comprehensive front against the mullahs’ regime of Iran, the Iraqi people’s latest protests bears the possibility of maturing into a nationwide initiative aimed at bringing an end to Tehran’s continuous crimes and plundering in their country.

It has been two decades since Iraq has been suffering extensively due to Iran’s interference.


This country has been used by Tehran’s regime as grounds to aloft its flag in the region. The Iraqi people have proven their determination to disrupt the existing strategic and geopolitical balance against the Iranian regime’s interests.

By providing mere political support for the Iraqi people, the international community can aid this nation in overcoming Iran’s influence once and for all.


This would deliver a crushing strategic blow to the Iranian regime’s “Shiite crescent” in the Middle East and will have massive repercussions across the region, and inside Iran.