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KRG Receives 750 More Refugees from Syrian Kurdistan


Overnight on Tuesday, nearly 750 more people crossed the Syrian border into Kurdistan Region as part of an influx of refugees escaping the Turkish offensives.

Barzani Charity Foundation (BCF) said in a statement that the newly arrived refugees were received by the Kurdish aid organization at Semalke border crossing.

In cooperation with the LDSC, Barzani Charity Foundation distributed food and other basics among the refugees, the statement said, revealing that the total number of the Syrian Kurdish refugees arriving in Kurdistan Region since the beginning of the Turkish offensives has so far reached 1,000.

BasNews has learned that the refugees are being sheltered near Bardarash district of Duhok where the KRG and local aid organizations will be responsible to provide them with security and basics.

Earlier on Tuesday, the BCF sent 20 trucks loaded with humanitarian aid to the Syrian Kurdistan where hundreds of thousands of civilians are displaced by the Turkish military incursion into north east Syria.

Other international aid organizations have already left the area amid growing violence.