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Iranian special forces head to Iraq to end uprising of Iraqi youth

Observers described the video, which was circulated on social media, the Iranian special forces numbering 7,500 fighters by "dangerous". 

The video shows the forces in their way to Iraq under the pretext of protecting visitors to Imam Hussein peace be upon him on the anniversary of Arbaeen.

They pointed out that so many troops from Iran to Iraq riding in armored vehicles and frustrated the weapons they want is very serious. Forces with this number can occupy an entire city or even a country. That the Iraqi authorities allow these forces to enter Iraq and practice what it wants to exercise is more serious. 

This means that Iraq has been occupied by the Iranian regime and that regime decides what it wants there, not Iraq.

They explained that the logical explanation for the entry of these forces to Iraq and that number and equipment is that the Iranian regime wants to eliminate the uprising of Iraqi youth.

This is due to the Iranian regime's fear of its interests and its feeling that it is threatened by the unexpected uprising. This made it rush to send these forces to support its pre-existing forces, which many assert that they participated in the process of confronting and killing demonstrators.
The observers added that it is not true that Iraq does not have the ability to maintain security and protect visitors to Imam Hussein on the anniversary of forty. If this is true, the Iraqi government should resign immediately.
What is true is that the Iranian regime has become afraid to lose its interests, its position and its ability to make the Iraqi decision. It decided to take care of himself before it was too late, and this also confirms that the Iranian regime does not trust its men, whom it gave the green light to wreak corruption.

For his part, political analyst Farid Ahmed Hassan says that sending Iranian special forces to Iraq was carried out in direct order from Khamenei himself, who expressed concern about the situation in Iraq and fear for the interests of the Iranian regime, in such circumstances must move and take this kind of decision that the Iraqi government can obviously only adapt to.  Such a government has no-decision as its decision comes from Tehran. This is painful, even painful.

The observers also pointed out that the Iranian regime knows that the Iraqi people's movement this time is different. What the young people did and the examples they provided for the love of their country and their determination to defend it with their lives prove that. They decided to participate in the confrontation of the young Iraqi insurgents and have taken advantage of the occasion of the Arbaeen to provide justification.

In a situation like this recently experienced by Iraq, the Iranian visitor feels that he is in danger and that his government must make him feel safe, which could not happen without the presence of special forces and the conclusion of the terrorist Revolutionary Guards.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 15 October 2019 09:45 PM