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French Forces to Leave Syria Amid US Withdrawal

France said on Monday that it has no choice but to withdraw its forces from Syria amid Washington's decision to pull out the US troops from Syria.

According to a report by AFP, Paris has decided to withdraw all its soldiers from Syria, while there are 1,000 French troops stationed in Iraq and Syria as part of the US-led international coalition to combat the ISIS in the two neighboring countries.

Out of the 1,000, at least 200 French soldiers are present in Syria currently.

Meanwhile, the UK said earlier the day that London could start to pull its forces out of Syria if the US leaves the Middle Eastern country.

The Pentagon ordered on Monday the withdrawal of all US troops from northern Syria.

After the Kurdish forces felt abandoned by the US, with whom they defeated the IS group in Syria, they signed an agreement with the Syrian regime to hand over the Kurdish-held areas to the regime forces in hopes of repelling the Turkish army and Ankara-backed Islamist rebels, who have begun an offensive against the Kurds in northeast of Syria since Wednesday.