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Iran deploys security forces in Karbala


Iranian security forces are deployed in Karbala streets to maintain security in the Iraqi province in conjunction with the arrival of visitors to celebrate Al-Arbaeen pilgrimage anniversary, an annual ritual that brings millions of Shiites from across the world to the city of Karbala in Iraq.

About two million Iranian Shi'ites have already crossed into Iraq, Iranian authorities have maintained.

Other Security forces are also deployed in provinces near Karbala, such as Diyala and others, which will witness heavy turnout of Iranian visitors.

A week ago, large protests rocked Iraq and the border with Iran was closed, putting in doubt this year’s pilgrimage. The anti-government protests took on an anti-Iran tone, as security forces fired on demonstrators killing dozens. Many people in Iraq blamed Iranian elements and Shiite militia aligned with Tehran for opening fire on the people.