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Kurdistan PM, Former Iraqi President Meet in Erbil


Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani received on Wednesday former Iraqi President Fuad Masum in Erbil, to discuss the latest developments concerning the Erbil-Baghdad relations.

At the beginning of the meeting, according to a readout by Barzani's office, Masum congratulated the Kurdish premier on his new role heading the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), while highlighting "the importance of stability they provide to a complex region."

"Prime Minister Barzani updated Mr. Masum on the Kurdistan Regional Government’s engagement with the federal government of Iraq and the efforts to solidify a relationship based on mutual understanding and respect," reads the statement.

The former Iraqi president reaffirmed his support to the "constructive" talks between Erbil and Baghdad and the efforts by the KRG to establish a stable partnership between the sides in accordance with the Iraqi Constitution.

"Both officials recognized that enhanced cooperation between the two governments is key to effectively combatting the so-called Islamic State’s presence in the country and protecting the interests of all Iraqis."