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Iraqi president orders judicial investigation into violence in protests

Iraqi president orders judicial investigation over violence in protests

Iraqi President Barham Saleh held a meeting on Wednesday with head of the Iraqi Supreme Council of the Judiciary Faeq Zidan.

During the meeting, Saleh ordered a judicial investigation to be opened into attacks on demonstrators and security forces.

In a statement, Saleh stressed the need to open a fair judicial investigation into the excessive use of violence against Iraqi protesters, calling for brining those responsible for the bloodshed in Iraq to book.

During the meeting, Saleh pointed out to the important role of Iraq’s judiciary in bringing all corrupts to book and those who embezzle the public money, stressing the full independence of judiciary, which always seeks to establish the principles of equity and justice.

He also called on meeting the demands of the demonstrators in order to maintain security and safety of Iraq.

During the meeting, they discussed ways to impose the rule of law in order to preserve the lives of citizens and public property.

Demonstrations first broke out last Tuesday in Iraq's capital and some southern cities, mostly attended by young protesters angry at mass corruption and unemployment.

The following day, authorities began restricting access to social media sites including Facebook and Instagram before completely shutting off the internet in all of Iraq, except the north.

Protesters said that the aim was to block them from spreading footage of the violence by security forces dealing with demonstrations.