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Amnesty International calls on security forces to stop violation against demonstrators


Amnesty International called on the Iraqi authorities on Monday to stop the excessive use of force against demonstrators.

"At Amnesty International, we are closely monitoring field developments in Iraq. Many people have told us they have been cut off from the outside world," Amnesty said in a series of tweets. "We call on the authorities to immediately stop the illegal measures of disconnecting the internet and blocking social media." We are here to see and hear you."

"Recognizing the use of excessive force by Iraqi security forces is a first step that must be translated on the ground by curbing the practices of the security forces and the army. The next step is accountability."

It called on the Iraqi authorities to immediately stop the use of excessive and lethal force against demonstrators, particularly in the capital Baghdad. The authorities should urgently and independently investigate the deaths and injuries of hundreds of peaceful demonstrators. Freedom of expression and assembly must be respected without fear.