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Despite security forces, militias` violence...Iraqi women active in demonstrations


The violence of security forces against protestors and firing live bullets at them did not prevent Iraqi women from participating in demonstrations besides men and youth to prove that it is the Iraqi revolution against corruption and subordination to Iran.

Although the participation of women in the protest sites was little, the presence of Iraqi women was very influential. One of the most prominent attitudes documented during the protests was recorded by a poor dumb woman selling paper napkins at traffic intersections.
When the protesters were fired by live bullets and tear gas, she distributed her livelihood to the wounded, wiping their blood with her handkerchiefs.
For his part, an Iraqi painter embodied the figure of this woman, holding the tissue box, turning her paper napkins to white peace doves.
This drawing was used by many people to photograph their accounts on social networking sites, influenced by her position.
On the other hand, protesters used soft drinks to treat tear gas, and the patient was wiping his eyes, and drinking it to restore his ability to breathe and see until reaching the hospital for treatment.
Another woman was shown in a video, carrying a wide range of known soft drinks in her car, distributing them to protesters who inhale tear gas, documenting a great example of women standing beside the protesters in the most dangerous positions, where they are being fired by the security forces.
Many video clips documented the presence of women in the protests who were chanting alongside the male protesters against heavily armed forces. Many of the social media pioneers described them of heroic attitudes, especially as they participated in all the demonstrations and protests witnessed in the country since 2011.