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Social media users: Green Zone will fall by Iraqi youth


Activists on the social networking site "Facebook" said that the Iranian government in Iraq, its agents and its militias in the Green Zone will fall by the Iraqi youth.

This comes in response to the Iranian Ambassador to Baghdad Erj Masjedi and Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi who said they will not let the Green Zone to the Iraqi people and the army, so they ordered the dirty militias to suppress the revolution.

The activists pointed out that Iraq for the Iraqis and the Green Zone will fall, including agents and traitors belonging to the Iranian regime al-Malali.
Thousands of demonstrators marched with banners calling for Adil Abdul-Mahdi to leave.

Videos and photos posted on social media sites showed security forces using tear gas, batons and live bullets to disperse crowds of protesters as they tried to cross the al-Jumhuriya bridge into the heavily fortified Green Zone where the government headquarters and the Iraqi parliament building are located.

The Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights said in a statement that there were injuries due to tear gas fired by the security forces. It is considered the attacks on peaceful demonstrators are not justified," calling on the Prime Minister to instruct "to stop the attacks and take responsibility towards his citizens."

Among the most prominent slogans issued by some of the demonstrators were "the people want to overthrow the regime" and "no march to Karbala before lifting injustice and scourge", as well as called for an end to "corruption" and improve living conditions.

One of the demonstrations` organizers said that "some slogans were spontaneous and were not planned during the call to the demonstrations days ago." 

He pointed out to the existence of "coordination committees for the demonstrations" called "October demonstrations", and "the first objective to correct the course and end the state of corruption in the country, and stand In the face of the parties of power that try to demolish the state and get it involved in regional conflicts."

The "Baghdad Post" monitors some of the reactions to the demonstrations:
The account of someone called "Maha Al Said" posted: "Iraq for the Iraqis Green Zone will fall including agents and traitors."

Last Modified: Wednesday، 02 October 2019 05:39 PM