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Iraqi Protests…Army Deployed in Baghdad Streets to Maintain Security


A peaceful demonstration began in the Al-Zaafaraniya area southeast of Baghdad on Wednesday, the National Iraqi News Agency reported.

The Iraqi army deployed, at dawn on Wednesday, in the streets of Nasiriyah to support the security forces in the face of demonstrators.

In the latest development, Ammar al-Hakim, leader of the National Wisdom Movement called for an emergency meeting of parliament to discuss the demonstrations in Baghdad.


In turn, the Victory Alliance led by former Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi issued a statement strongly condemning the use of excessive force against peaceful demonstrators, according to the statement.

Abadi also called on the government to open a thorough investigation to access justice.

“ While we demand the preservation of security, peace and public and private property, we refuse to politicize popular protests or exploiting them in favor of any party. We emphasize constructive and positive dialogue with the protesters’ representatives, ” the statement said. “We call the government to do its duty maintaining its rights.”

A joint Iraqi government statement announced on Tuesday that only one person was killed and 200 wounded, including 40 wounded from the security forces in the Baghdad protests, where demonstrators went out against corruption and poor public services.

The statement called on the citizens to calm down and restraint, stressing that the security services continue to perform their duties, in order to ensure the security of the demonstrators.

The Iraqi government expressed regret for the violence that accompanied Baghdad protests.

Meanwhile, the correspondent of “Al Arabiya” reported 2 deaths and at least 200 people injured in the demonstrations.

The correspondent confirmed that demonstrations against corruption did not stop in Baghdad, and also took place in Basra and Nasiriyah in southern Iraq, and that the security forces dealt violently with the demonstrators.

Iraqi security forces used live bullets to disperse demonstrators in Baghdad, Iraqi television reported.

Iraqi security forces also fired tear gas at the demonstrators. Al Arabiya correspondent reported that an officer and two soldiers were injured.