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Al-Shammar Calls for punishing everyone assaulted the demonstrators


The Secretary-General of the opposition Front Fadi al-Shammar called for an official investigation and punishment of all those who assaulted the demonstrators.
"Demonstration is a right guaranteed by the Iraqi constitution, which is an open arena for expressing opinions in any form it deems appropriate," Shammar said in a statement.
"Listening to the demands of the people and meeting their requirements, fighting corruption and corrupt people, ending quotas and implementing service projects is a national necessity. It is a permanent popular demand away from loose slogans and false promises," he added."

"The attack on the demonstrators with live bullets and tear gas stain will chase the concerned authorities that have taken this unfair decision against the demonstrating youth."


He pointed out that "the job of riot control forces is to fought riots not demonstrations and demonstrators or arresting the activists and youth in an arbitrary manner outside the framework of the law and the Constitution." 


He called for "an official investigation from the relevant authorities and clarifying the shortcomings and punish all who attacked and contributed to this attack immediately. The facts should not be obscured as in the incident of the injustice attack on the demonstration of holders of higher education degrees."