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Protesters killed, injured as security use live ammo to disperse demonstrations


Hundreds of protesters have taken to streets on Tuesday in several Iraqi provinces as well as Baghdad in protest against the government performance.

According to activists on social media, the protests started from Karbala, Najaf, al-Diwaniya, al-Nasiriya, Basra and Wasit against the deteriorating health situation as well as poor services, lack of job opportunities. 

In Dhi Qar, protesters demanded dismissal of Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi and change of the regime.

In related news, eyewitnesses said security troops have been trying to disperse protesters using live ammunition in al-Nasiriya, which left some of them injured.

A security source said on Tuesday that troops chase down the protesters from Tahrir Square to al-Fardous square in central Baghdad, adding that Tahrir Square has been cleared of protesters after they were dispersed by the live ammunition.

According to news reports, number of the victims have reached three, while the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights (IOHR) said one protester was killed, while 60 others were injured in Baghdad.

Earlier on Tuesday, security troops said some protesters suffered asphyxia as security troops fired tear gas to disperse the demonstrators.