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Iraqi women start campaign to stand up to Daesh terrorists in Mosul

Destruction in Mosul

A group of Iraqi women organized a squad for observing the lives of women under Daesh rule in Mosul and helping them. The group called Team Women described all the crimes committed by the terrorists against the Iraqi women.

A historian who helped to organize this squad said that the team consists of outstanding women, among them there are doctors, teachers, scientists and just daring, active people who want to contribute.

The historian said that in one example two of the women from the team managed to enter a refugee camp in order to see the living conditions of the people who had escaped from Daesh. They also handed over food and medicine to the refugees.

These brave women work under constant threat of being discovered by the terrorists that are ruthless with anyone who opposes their power.

A spokesman for Team Women, Nada Usef lives in Norway, where she works as a teacher’s translator in a school for children with special needs. Nada explained nine points which the team is aiming to achieve.

“First point is that every woman in the group that performs certain tasks, acts like she is all alone fighting with all the evil and is not afraid of it. That is the main point in fight against the terrorists,” Nada said.

The team also highlights the situation of women in Mosul and in the refugee camps, where they suffer greatly from cold, lack of food, medicines and from very constrained position in overcrowded refugee tents.

Team Women also raises the question of the role of women in Mosul after its liberation from Daesh and tells a female point of view on the situation in Mosul.

Another core principle of the group is that women need to help restore the balance in life, return stability between work and their personal life, their mind and emotions. So the team provides emotional support to women in need.

The group also finds it necessary to enable women to participate in political, social and cultural spheres while not rejecting the principles of Islam.

Team Women tries to help every woman to become successful and helps to identify active women in Mosul. It also adds its own proposals to counteract detected violations and how to deal with them.

When the terrorists entered Mosul and captured the city, very strict rules were introduced against women. They were forced to wear hijabs and restrictions on their activities and freedom were introduced. Schools and universities in Mosul were closed because of the militant’s extremist beliefs.

A government-led operation to retake Mosul from Daesh, which is outlawed in Russia, has been underway since mid-October with air support provided by an international coalition. The stronghold is regarded as the capital of the Daesh-proclaimed "caliphate."