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Army destroys 6 ISIS guesthouses in Mosul, Diyala

Army destroys 6 ISIS guesthouses in Mosul, Diyala

Iraqi Security forces on Monday destroyed six ISIS-affiliated guesthouses in Diyala and Mosul cities, in addition to exploding seven improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

In a press statement, of which, The Baghdad Post received a copy, the Iraqi Ministry of Defense said that a number of infantry troops found three guesthouses at Tel Hilala in Sarkaran district of Debs area in Mosul.

The statement added that the security forces found 100 kg of ammonia nitrate used in the manufacture of explosive devices and other explosive materials.

The command of Diyala Operations also managed to detonate 2 explosive devices and find other three guesthouses that were destroyed by the army air force during a search operation in the villages of Albu Khayal, al-Majra, Albu Awad and the village of Salman al-Ahmad and al-Mita crossing, pointing out that the Anbar operations command found seven IEDs in the Albu Khamis area that were detonated.

The terrorists are controlling roads from Baghdad to Kirkuk and Mosul. The areas of Hamrin Mountains and rural villages have become a hot spot of new ISIS operations.

Some reports indicate ISIS controls 75 villages and that the ISF have sought to purge up to 175 villages.