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6 ISIS terrorist sites in Diyala, Mosul and 7 bombs in Anbar destroyed


Security forces announced the destruction of six ISIS additives in Diyala and Mosul containing many explosives and weapons while detonating seven bombs in Anbar.

The Ministry of Defense said in a statement: "the 14th Infantry managed to find three additives at Tel Hilala toward Sarkran district of qadaa al debs in Mosul, including three AK rifles, warehouses, hand grenades, and AK materiel."
The statement added that "100 kilograms of ammonia nitrate used to manufacture IEDs, 30 explosive rosaries, timers, detonators, detonating lighter and explosive device in the form of plastic were found. The above material was destroyed by the squad detachment."
The statement pointed out that while the heroes of Diyala Operations Command were able to detonate 2 explosive devices, they found 3 additives destroyed by the army aviation. This came during the implementation of a raid and search in the villages of Bou Khayal, Al-Majara, Bu-Awad, and Salman al-Ahmad and Al Mayieta crossing.