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Iraqi state faces many problems: Abdul-Mahdi

Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi complained on Saturday of the "many problems" facing the Iraqi state.

This came during a meeting today with some graduates of the certificate holders, where he listened to their proposals and demands, and promised to resolve it as soon as possible, according to a statement issued by the office of Abdul-Mahdi.

The statement quoted Abdul-Mahdi as saying during the meeting, "The duty of the state to find work for its sons, which is a right for them and our government program provides for this and we are making progress."

He added that "the state faces many problems as you know and its potential is less than its requirements, but we have to address any imbalance, and we have possible solutions to work and are assured of the sincerity of our promises with our people."

The Prime Minister pledged to "develop and accelerate solutions and find a solution to a large part of the problem of graduates."

He pointed out that "the demonstrations of the graduates are peaceful and disciplined. It is a right to express their demands and it is peaceful appearance the security forces should protect and deal with them in a peaceful and disciplined as well."