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We’ll catch Trump, put him on trial: Iranian official says

Mohsen Rezaei

Tehran will “catch” US President Donald Trump and “place him on trial” for his actions against Iran and others, a top Iranian politician has said.

During an interview, Mohsen Rezaei, former commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and currently the secretary of the Expediency Council, said “Ultimately, we will catch Trump and place him on trial, God willing. An international court will convene and Trump will have to stand trial. He should stand trial not just for what he did to our people, but for his crimes against other nations as well.”

Rezaei mocked Washington for failing to respond to Tehran’s downing of an American surveillance drone, and said the US was not proving to be much of an ally to Iran’s regional foe Saudi Arabia.

“When the Americans are incapable of retaliating against Iran for the downing of their ultra-secret plane, would they be able to help Saudi Arabia? They cannot defend themselves, so how would they defend Saudi Arabia? Everybody has received that message,” he said.

“Mr. Trump has already played all his cards,” Rezaei said. “He has already fired all his bullets. Now he is standing in front of us with no bullets, and the world is laughing at him. In the future, it will be even worse.”

He added that the Arabian Gulf would not be safe until Western forces depart from the region.

“As long as America, England, and other foreign countries wish to remain in the region, the lack of security of the past 40 years will continue,” he stated. “The first condition for security is the independence of [the region’s] countries.
“The day the Americans leave the region, all the countries will become friends with one another.”

Since May 2018, tensions have risen in the Arabian Gulf when Trump unilaterally abandoned a 2015 nuclear deal between major powers and Iran and began reimposing crippling sanctions in a campaign of “maximum pressure.”

This May, they flared again when Iran began reducing its own commitments under the deal and the US deployed military assets to the region.