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Luaibi inaugurates first smart automatic gateways in Iraq

Transport Minister Abdullah Luaibi attended the start-up of the first smart automatic gateways at the Kufk Baghdad intersection in the Shaljiya area near the Iraqi Republic Railways Company (IRR).

"The goal of these smart gates to find ways to protect trains and wheels at the intersections between railways and public roads," Luaibi said. "This will protect lives and property and create a beautiful civilization phenomenon that lends aesthetic to the beloved capital Baghdad."

"The gates do not need in the work of the operating cadre, they work on the movement of trains automatically on solar energy," He added. "They do not need electricity and can be installed in areas far from cities."

He pointed out that all these parts work when the train approached the crossing with a distance of (700) meters. There are sensors installed on the railway line gives a signal to the crossing. The bells and cascades work after ten seconds gates begin to descend smartly and secured and descend on the wheels below. It is safe for human and animal.