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Mortar rounds, rockets seized in Jurf al-Nasr north of Babylon

A security source confirmed on Tuesday that mortar bombs and rockets were seized in Jurf al-Nasr north of Babylon

In a statement, the source said: "a detachment of anti-explosives office Musayib went in a joint duty with a force from the directorate of Babylon emergency regiments and the explosives detachments of Babylon`s investigation to Jurf al-Nasr north Al-Owaisan area."

The source added that "during the inspection, a plastic barrel with a capacity of 500 liters was found hidden under the ground containing gunpowder weighing 15 km. Also, 6 mortar rounds caliber 120, 16 mortar rounds caliber 82, and 2 kg thrust fillings and 15 lightning shocks."
The source pointed out that devices of the detonation and equipment of rifle 500 shots and 5 enlightenment shots and 17 mortar rounds caliber 60 were found. Also 5 rocket launcher and Kalashnikov rifle with a pile containing 6 stores.
The source confirmed that all material was removed by a controlled explosion."