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Iranian deputy FM urges ending sanctions to start negotiations

Abbas Araqchi

Iran might start negotiations with the United States, if Washington lifts the sanctions it has imposed on Iran, deputy Foreign Minister said on Sunday.

In remarks, Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi said "Stopping the economic war can lead to real negotiations."

He also added that not only Iran, but no other country will negotiate under pressure, explaining that Iran's answer to the U.S. policy of "maximum pressure" is resorting to "maximum resistance."

Araqchi stressed that if the United States replaces economic pressure with military pressure, then "Iran will turn to military resistance."

In 2018, the United States pulled out of the West's nuclear deal with Iran and imposed sanctions with hopes to start negotiations for a new deal with Iran to curb its nuclear and missile programs and harness its regional ambitions. Since then, tensions have been growing between Tehran and Washington and its allies in the Arabian Gulf.