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Violence erupts in Paris as police clash with anarchists who hijacked climate protest

French police fired tear gas and made more than 160 arrests as anarchists hijacked a climate march on a day of protests in Paris.

Anti-government “yellow vest” demonstrators took to the streets in an attempt to revive their movement, while “black bloc” anarchists smashed shop windows and set fire to bins after infiltrating the environmental rally on Saturday.

About 7,500 police officers had been deployed to the streets of France’s capital over fears the groups would seek to take advantage of authorised climate demonstration and a separate trade union protest taking place elsewhere in the city, according to INDEPENDENT.

Several districts including the Champs-Elysees, where previous yellow vest demonstrations have taken place, were made out-of-bounds for protests. More than 30 metro stations were closed.

In the morning, officers dispersed small crowds of yellow vest activists who tried to gather in restricted areas in central Paris. Most of the demonstrators, some of whom later joined the climate protest, reportedly did not wear their usual fluorescent jackets to avoid being noticed.
Later, masked anarchists in black clothing joined the climate march and became embroiled in sporadic skirmishes with police. They broke windows at a bank and several shops, and set fire to a makeshift barricade.
Officers in full anti-riot gear fired tear gas on the group, prompting some families who had been taking part in the environmental rally to flee.
Police said at least 163 people had been arrested as of Saturday afternoon, and nearly 400 received €135 (£120) fines for demonstrating in a banned area.