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Dozens of protesters arrested in Paris, as police disperse yellow-vest protests

yellow vests

French police arrested dozens of demonstrators on Saturday, while dispersing groups of “yellow vest” protesters attempting to stage unauthorized rallies in central Paris, news reports said.

In remarks, the Paris police prefecture said 90 arrests were made in Paris. Around one hundred protesters attempting to gather on the Champs-Elysees shopping avenue, were pushed back.

Some 7,500 police were mobilized, several districts including the Champs-Elysees were made out-of-bounds for protests, and over 30 metro stations closed. 

The yellow vest protesters movement emerged late last year in revolt against President Emmanuel Macron’s style of government. It was triggered by fuel tax rises.

The government’s planned overhaul of France’s retirement system prompted a massive strike by metro workers on Sept. 13, shutting most of the underground transport network. 

The authorities have also been taking precautions so protesters do not disrupt an annual heritage event this weekend that gives the public special access to many historic sites. 

Some sites like the Arc de Triomphe monument have been closed while others like the Elysee presidential palace have required visitors to register in advance.

Last Modified: Saturday، 21 September 2019 05:13 PM