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Trump imposes sanctions on Iranian central bank

US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump on Friday announced new sanctions against Iranian central bank.

The new round of sanctions aimed at practicing economic pressure on Iran as the US president’s national security advisers review a list of targets for a potential strike in retaliation for recent attacks on Saudi Arabian oil fields.

Trump said that his country was "always prepared" for military action.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, also addressing reporters in the Oval Office, said the sanctions will result in “no more funds going to” the Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, and will sever Iran’s ability to gain access to international funds.

Yemen's Iranian-allied Houthis claimed the assault, but analysts say the missiles used would not have enough range to reach the site from Yemen.

The missiles and drones resemble Iranian-made weapons, although analysts say more study is needed to definitively link them to Tehran.

Last Modified: Saturday، 21 September 2019 12:59 AM