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American mother rubs heroin on daughter's gums, kills her

An American woman has been charged for allegedly killing her baby daughter by rubbing heroin on her gums to get her to sleep. 

33-year-old mother Kimberly Nelligan used the substance on her 1-year-daughter Jordy at least 15 times before the baby died in October 2018.
The little girl was found dead at her home in Bangor, Maine, acori=ding to Metro UK reports.

Nelligan's partner told police he'd seen the mother rub heroin on Jordyn's gums at least 15 times.

A coroner later determined that Jordy had synthetic opioid fentanyl in her system, which is a powerful painkiller than is often mixed with heroin, making it 50 times more powerful, according to " nzherald".

The mother reportedly confessed to using heroin once a week in the months leading up to Jordy's death and the child's father told police he had seen Nelligan rub it on their daughter's gums.

Nelligan is said to have told that unnamed man she'd done the same to her older children to get them to sleep, and added: "You know I didn't hurt our daughter on purpose."

Nelligan has been taken to the Penobscot County Jail, where she is currently being held without bail. It wasn't immediately known if she had an attorney.