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Hikma Movement says Saairun, Fatah to be blamed for Abdul-Mahdi's failure


Al-Hikma Movement has blamed the failure of Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi on Saairun and Al-Fatah alliances, urging the political blocs to take clear stance toward the government.

In remarks, MP Mahmoud Mulla Talal said “both Saairun and Fatah formed the cabinet and assigned Abdul-Mahdi to take charge. Today, they should be blamed for the failure and the negative consequences we have reached.”

Part of the blocs, according to Mulla Talal began to take some stances, “as they do not oppose or support the government. Thus, we cannot rely on them to set a real approach for running the country.”

Moreover, he urged the political blocs to take specific stances in this phase, saying that “some members of Saairun have called for holding Abdul-Mahdi accountable, while others demand giving the government more chance and support to enhance its performance.”